Devil’s Elbow Bike & Raft

Big thanks to the San Fransisco crew for the first ever Devil’s Elbow Bike & Raft Adventure!


it was a road yesterday...

it was a road yesterday…

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Haines Rafting Review, Moose, Eagles and More.

Its been a busy few weeks and the preserve is coming alive.  We’ve seen quite a few moose and numerous active eagle nests. The sunny weather streak finally took a break to give us some much needed rain, but it looks like its back to warm and dry next week.  We also had our first Bike and Rafters.  Steven and Gina pedaled the 21 miles from Sockeye Cycle to the heart of the preserve in an easy 2 hours before rafting down the Chilkat River.  Here are some photos from the last few days.


Spring revelations

Wolf Kill near Tsirku River-2 Wolf Kill near Tsirku River-3 Wolf Kill near Tsirku River-4 Wolf Kill near Tsirku River

Melting snow reveals stories of winter survival and otherwise.  Wolves leave this kill picked clean as spring buds emerge an the Eulacon scouts arrive at the mouth of the Chilkat.  Rafting season is right around the corner and we’re looking forward to a new host of spring birds, eagles and calving moose.   Raft rips begin May first and a tranquil float through the eagle preserve is sure to please spring birders.

Alaska Travel


Alaska Travel Trade Bulletin

Haines Rafting Company may be a new player in the rafting industry in Southeast Alaska, but its founder and guide Andy Hedden is by no means a newcomer to the sport or to guiding. A former guide with Chilkat Guides, Hedden has been guiding and managing rafting operations in Southeast Alaska for more than 20 years. Based out of Haines, this rafting outfitter is owned by Hedden and his father, David Hedden, and operates small-group float trips through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve where visitors can witness and photograph the bald eagles up close in their natural habitat. Aside from the stand-alone float trip through the preserve, Haines Rafting offers several trip packages for guests to choose from: the Fly and Raft Wild Alaska trips combines flightseeing through Glacier Bay National Park’s glaciers and peaks with a float trip through the glacial rivers down below where eagles fish for their meals in the streams. On the Ultimate Skagway trip, guests will be taken on a scenic flight over Southeast Alaska’s most magnificent views from Skagway to Haines, followed by a float trip through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, and will return to Skagway onboard a Catamaran cruise through the Northern Lynn Canal, North America’s deepest fjord. The company also offers custom guided tours throughout Southeast Alaska with optional excursions such as a summit photo tour, sea kayaking, fly-fishing and more. All trips are kept to a maximum of eight guests to allow for more flexibility to follow the eagles.hrc promo 14-15-87

Contact: Andy Hedden  |   Email:

Phone: (907) 314-0340   |   URL:

Facebook: Haines Rafting   |   Twitter: @HainesRafting

Winter River

winter river skiThis is a section of the Klehini River that we raft in summer….  In winter it’s a popular cross county ski route.


Being here now

winter river


It can be hard being here now, it’s dark and cold, too cold one week and not cold enough the next. Last week we saw almost 10 below and now its pushing 40. Not much snow yet this new year, not much ice for hockey either.  Lots of friends out of town for the holidays.  Lots of Facebook posts from Hawaii.  And yet every day is a little lighter than the last, and when the sky clears you feel alive. Now is the best time for family time, quiet time, paper work time, and for just being.  Happy new year everybody!